Destructed Data Forensics- Final


After a few unexpected twists and turns, we have almost completed the report for the hard drives in water tests.  After the report undergoes a final review process it will be posted for everyone to see in addition to continuing blog posts. Our next plan of action is to test dropping internal hard drives from various currently undetermined heights. Our initial idea is to drop them from a 1st floor, 2nd floor, and 3rd floor. However, due to an inconvenience with location we are not making these figures set in stone; we should know our exact heights by the next blog post. We will also rely on tossing the drives rather than dropping due to location; the exact details of the procedure will all be worked out and explained once we initiate testing. We hope to detail whether or not the hard drives impact with a solid surface will render any data irretrievable from the drive. As before, we will be taking before and after images and comparing them. We do not expect there to be much data loss, if any, but if there is any data loss then we assume that it will be the result of a scratched or otherwise altered/damaged platter.

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