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Malware Analysis Introduction

Introduction To Malware Analysis In order to build upon work done by the LCDI’s Malware Analysis Team last semester, we are adopting Amazon Web Services. Amazon WorkSpaces will allow us to conduct malware research with the guarantee that the LCDI network will remain unaffected by any samples we choose to analyze. The Malware Team has […]

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Mac Ram Analysis Corsair Memory

Mac Ram Analysis Introduction

INTROduction to mac ram analysis: The newest project from the LCDI is going to be accomplishing a Mac Ram analysis. Last semester, the LCDI investigated forensic artifact locations produced by user activity in Apple’s newest version of OS X, El Capitan. Those findings were then compared to our previous report on El Capitan’s predecessor, OS […]

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Volatility Malware Analysis

For the second part of our Volatility project, we wanted to determine whether or not we could find traces of malware in a system that was once put in hibernation mode. When a user puts their computer into hibernation, a hiberfil.sys file is created. If a system has malware running in the background and is then put into hibernation, we hypothesized that hiberfil.sys will have remnants of the malicious code. Continue reading