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Forensics Analysis of goTenna

Intro Two prominent conversations still exist as important considerations in the digital age: the privacy of personal information and the geographical limitations of certain commercial cell networks. This is where goTenna comes in: goTenna is an “off-the-grid” communications tool which interfaces with mobile devices via Bluetooth. GoTenna devices are able to create private cell networks […]

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Mobile Device Management- Samsung Knox

Intro To Samsung Knox For this project, we decided to look into mobile device managers (MDMs). These are applications that companies can utilize in order to monitor company-issued mobile devices or manage ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) programs. As a group we researched various MDMs and respectively chose particular managers we wanted to research. This […]

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Mobile Device Management MaaS360

Mobile Device Management- MaaS360

Introduction This project will focus on the various features and forensic value of Mobile Device Managers (MDM). These are applications that companies commonly use to monitor and control multiple devices. These applications are increasing in popularity among company provided devices or bring your own device (BYOD). After completing research on multiple MDMs, the Mobile Device […]

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Mobile Device Apps: WhatsApp

Investigating WhatsApp has brought forth significant results. In the case of Kik, data was generated using WhatsApp on an iOS and an Android device. The two devices were used to send messages to one another, utilizing the full spectrum of WhatsApp’s abilities, including text messages, video messages, audio messages, and pictures. Artifacts for all these […]

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