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Mac OSX Forensics Part 3

Mac Imaging In order to preserve the physical integrity of the machine, we chose to image the Mac non-invasively.  We forced the target Mac to enter “Target disk mode” during the boot process and attached a thunderbolt cable.  After attaching the other end of the cable to our “Analysis Mac,” we were able to fully […]

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Mac OSX Forensics Part 2

Different Examination Tools We have been doing extensive background research in advance of the actual data-generation and forensic aspect of our project. Currently, we have been researching the different examination tools and methods there are for Mac OSX. We have researched open-source tools as well as commercial tools and have chosen the ones we believe […]

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Mac OSX Forensics Introduction

Project Introduction Mac OSX is Apple’s most recent operating system for Macintosh computers. Macs are widely used, and knowing how to get information off of them very important for forensic examiners. Just PC expertise is not enough today; Macs have a different way of storing user data and artifacts. Knowledge of the location of potential […]

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