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Researching IoT Devices

Introduction It is safe to say that everyone is constantly connected, through our smartphones, social media accounts, and even smart homes. Every day, more and more innovative devices are released to the public. Any device that is able to have a relationship with another is part of Internet of Things (IoT). Forbes goes so far […]

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Bluetooth Security Forensics 4.0

Introduction Since our last update, the Bluetooth team has made progress on hitting our devices with L2ping. We have also received communication from Btlejuice’s creator to help us solve some of the problems we encountered. We learned that Btlejuice is optimized to run using the Google Chrome web browser, so we worked on getting Chrome […]

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Bluetooth Security Final Blog

Introduction Over the past seven weeks, our team at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation has been working to discover the inherent vulnerabilities in Bluetooth security technology. We have wrapped up the research portion of our project and have begun running tests on our devices. Over the next several weeks we will continue to run […]

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