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Cloud in a blue sky

Flying High with Cloud Forensics: Part 2

Since our last blog we have finished gathering data for Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Dropbox. So far we have only analyzed Dropbox and SkyDrive artifacts. Initially we had several hundred thousand results to comb through. Dropbox totaled 193,059 events; SkyDrive totaled 295,037 events; Google Drive totaled 270,107 results. In the end, we were able to narrow them down to only a few hundred artifacts that were definitely related to Dropbox and SkyDrive. Continue reading

Cloud in blue sky

Flying High with Cloud Forensics

Cloud storage is a new upcoming technology that will pave the way for the future. No longer will people have to store data on their physical hard drives; it can now be uploaded to the web in the cloud, allowing anyone to share their data with other people and access it wherever they go. Although this might help people save time and space, it also creates more hardship for forensic investigators because criminals can upload or share data from one computer and open it up on another computer without leaving much of a trace. Not much forensic research has been done with cloud storage services, so we will be conducting this research on a few of these services. The three services we will be focusing on are Google Drive, Dropbox, and SkyDrive. Continue reading