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The Digital Forensics Association got off to a great start on Wednesday September 26th, 2012 with 23 people attending and several watching online via Adobe Connect. The meeting featured students talking about their internships over the past summer and Mark Zammuto, from Career Services, gave a great presentation on how he helps Digital Forensics student’s jobs.

Colby Lahaie, Cat Stamm, Joshua Lowery, and Ethan Fleischer talked about working at the LCDI over the summer. They worked on a variety of projects such as Windows 8 forensics, data recovery, iPhone forensics, RAM analysis and networking forensics. Christine Casey interned at Draper Labs which is associated with NASA. She worked with the Information Security Group. Her work focused on helping secure networks, dealing with advanced persistent threats and incident response. Along the way she also taught herself how to use SIFT. Several other students shared their experience of working in help desk jobs. During Mark Zammuto’s presentation he stressed the importance of getting experience as soon as possible because computer forensics is a very competitive field

Along with emailing students about jobs there is also is a document on Dropbox called the OneDoc. The OnceDoc contains a list of many tech job openings in Vermont and around the country.

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A DFA member presents what he experienced over the summer.

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