Student in the Spotlight: Carolyn Cote

Carolyn Cote is a ­­­­­freshman from Uxbridge, Massachusetts majoring in Professional Writing at Champlain College. Carolyn works as a Student Worker at LCDI where she is involved as a technical writer. Currently Carolyn is working on revising the standard operating guidelines. We recently asked Carolyn Cote some questions so that we could share more about who she is with all of you.

Read the full Spotlight interview here: Carolyn Cote

  1. Intro about you:
    I’m Carolyn Cote. I’m a freshman here at Champlain College studying professional writing, and I work here at the LCDI as a technical writer.
  2. Projects you have worked on at LCDI and/or stuff you do at LCDI:
    I work as a technical writer meaning I polish up written works such as emails, blog posts, and documents sent out or published by the LCDI.
  3. What would be your dream job after graduation?
    My dream is to be a music journalist specializing in alternative and independent music.
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