“Cellebrating” Cellebrite

Blog22For the past two weeks, we have all been working hard on creating the guides and tutorials for the Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro and the UFED Physical Analyzer. All of the interns have worked on Cellebrite everyday so that we could have it done by the deadline, July 1st. We also created powerpoint slides for each section and video tutorials on how to use the UFED Physical Analyzer. The only thing that we have left to do is to create the video tutorials on how to use the Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro.

Overall, this project was a very tedious task, as there was a lot of work and research involved in creating the guides. Many of the guides had to be revised/edited many times so that we could make them as informational as possible and so we could make them easily understandable for people who don’t know how mobile devices or mobile device forensics works.

Many of the interns didn’t know much about mobile forensics, as they have not taken the mobile forensics class yet, so they had to research the different aspects of mobile devices and how they communicate with each other, as well as how to properly acquire and analyzer mobile devices. Things such as what mobile device forensics is and how it is different from traditional forensics, or the different network services and protocols (CDMA, GSM, TDMA, etc), were very new to the other interns.

As I have taken the mobile forensics class in the past, it was easier for me to understand the different concepts of mobile devices and mobile device forensics, which allowed me to help the other interns understand what they were researching.

The video tutorials were much easier to do because we had created picture tutorials beforehand; however, it took a long time to create the video tutorials because we wanted to get them as precise and perfect as possible without any errors. It took us a few recordings before we could get them just right; even then we had to edit them with the video editor.

Once we finish the video tutorials for the Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro, we will be finished and when we do, we will all be happy, as all of the interns spent a lot of time researching the different concepts, and because of this, they all had to postpone their other projects that they were working on in order to help complete the Cellebrite project by its deadline. Hopefully, this project has given the interns some insight into mobile forensics and will help them in their future careers. We also hope that the wider computer and digital forensics community get as much out of these guides and tutorials as we put in it.

-Colby Lahaie

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