Flying High with Cloud Forensics: Part 3

What is the Cloud?   Cloud computing is a growing and emerging model that enables convenient, on-demand access to computing resources, applications, storage, and services.

Cloud forensics has more complications than traditional computer forensics. With Cloud forensics, the Cloud service provider becomes a part of the process when it comes to handling legal issues, such as civil or criminal cases involving stored data, cyber-attacks, or data breaches. Every Cloud provider handles these issues differently. Some providers have policies or guidelines, while others have nothing.

Our project goal for Cloud Forensics is to compare the Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Dropbox computer applications and their effects on forensics. The LCDI is doing this project in order to gain a better understanding of these Cloud-based applications. From this project, we hope to be able to not only understand the legal issues around Cloud forensics, but also how to properly search for and obtain evidence from a Cloud application.

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