Google Glass Forensics


Back in August, Professor Jon Rajewski came to Julie Desautels and Chapin Bryce with an exciting opportunity for a new research project. Jon, being a member of the Google Glass explorer program, had received pair of Google Glass to test before its rumored release before the end of the year. With access to this new technology, he put together this small team to do research on the forensic analysis of Google Glass, launching the Shattered project.

The past few months have been challenging and exciting. After playing with Google Glass and figuring out what it is and what it is capable of, the next step was imagining it. By using android tools, we were able to pull information off of Glass and analyze it.

Our research has involved extracting data from Google Glass and automating the process into an imaging tool, as well as looking into the results and understanding what artifacts Glass leaves behind. Checkout our imaging tool at

An introduction article to the project was released in Digital Forensics Magazine outlining what Glass is and some of the forensic artifacts that can be found on it. The project is now being presented for the first time at Paraben’s Forensic Innovation Conference (PFIC) by Jon Rajewski on November 13, 2014.

With our research being released, we will post updates to our script on the Google Codepage and updates to our research on this Champlain College blog. Make sure you are subscribed, and stay tuned for more news on Google Glass Forensics!





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