Champlain Launches New Digital Forensics Microsite


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Champlain’s Digital Forensics microsite recently received a total re-vamp. Designed with both current and prospective students in mind, the microsite provides access to information on academic programs, resources available to students, consulting services offered by the LCDI, and bios of students currently working within the program. Some of the site’s new features include an updated menu and easy-to-access blog page. In addition to the new changes, the site is now easier to use and navigate, with drop down lists that take visitors to different pages within the site. The new changes and additions will streamline the process for students, faculty, and outside visitors to request services, view projects, and keep up with the latest blog posts. The site also includes a detailed events calendar and ways to connect to Champlain and the LCDI through social media outlets. Check it out at



Carolyn Cote

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