LCDI’s Student in the Spotlight for November




The LCDI’s Student in the Spotlight for November is Zachary Reichert, a freshman here at Champlain College. He is a Research Assistant at the LCDI, where he has worked on a few different projects, which include Cellebrite, Zeitgeist, FIRE II, and is currently working on BlackBerry Messenger Forensics. To get to know him better, we asked him a few questions.

  1. What’s your favorite part about working at the Leahy Center? I love the learning aspect of it. I learn so much by working here that I could otherwise have to wait until upper level classes to learn.

  2. Here’s the big debate:  Mac or Windows? Out of those two, Windows, definitely Windows. I don’t like Macs.

  3. What is your favorite thing to do outside of class and work? I like being involved in the different clubs here on campus but my most favorite thing to do would either have to be playing basketball or sitting in my dorm room playing guitar.

  4. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your major? How constantly technology is constantly changing and how I have to keep up with it to be any good at Computer Forensics.

  5. What’s your proudest moment? Getting a job at the LCDI.

  6. What’s your favorite thing about your major? Learning so much more in the first semester here then I thought I would.

  7. What was your favorite class you have taken at Champlain? So far, Intro to Netoworking and Security. I learn a lot of cool things in that class.

  8. Where would you like to intern in the future? Hopefully at a government agency.

  9. Is the forensic technology as advanced as television shows such as “CSI” portray?  Most of the time no but I have seen Cellebrite, a real mobile acquisition tool, on CSI.

  10. How did you get started in digital forensics? I knew I wanted to do something with technology and at first I came to Champlain to major in Computer Science, but I changed over to Digital Forensics because I want to something to help people.

  11. Can deleted files be recovered? Most definitely most of the time.

Watch Zachary’s interview here!


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