Google Glass Apps- Part One

When Google Glass was announced in 2013, the LCDI wanted to get our hands on it right away. As of this year, we have acquired a pair of Glass and are excited to start using them for digital forensics and developing application that will aid in the digital forensic process. The Glass currently runs on Android 4.0.4 and has a debug mode. Because of this, creating applications for and analyzing the Glass follows a very similar to that of analyzing and creating applications for an Android phone or tablet.

Members of the LCDI Glass Apps team are:

Kevin Law

David Paradise

Brandon Reynolds

Daniel Puckpwski

Andre Maccarone

We plan on creating applications for the Google Glass that can aide in forensic investigations. The Glass is a piece of wearable technology that can assist in the process. We have a few ideas for the project that we are considering at the moment. Soon, we will be developing these ideas using the Google Glass Sneak Peak GDK. The API’s are not finalized, but we can still start designing an application. Google has strict guidelines when creating applications for the Glass, because any application has to interface well with voice and screen size, but we are confident that we can overcome these challenges.

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