Smart TV Part 1


Smart TVs (televisions with the capability to connect to the internet) have become very popular during the past two years.  The NPD GROUP, a leading global market research company, predicts that 119 million US TVs will be connected to the internet by 2015, up 51% from 2013 (Falayleh).  This increase in connected devices, from a forensic standpoint, could lead to  completely unprecedented forms of cybercrime.

The LCDI will be doing research on methods of obtaining data from Smart TVs without dismantling them. We will be using a Samsung 6500 Series Smart TV for our research..


We will begin generating data by accessing email, the internet, and different applications through the Smart TV. Due to the fact that there is no set methodology on how to extract data from Smart TVs, we will first attempt to extract data from the TV by using F-Response. F-Response uses two paired dongles connected to the “subject” and the  “examiner” computer.  Through F-Response we will hopefully be able to gain access to the data stored on the Smart TV.

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