Single Board Computers Part 1

The Big Threat of Small Computers

Welcome to Single-Board Computers: Small Hardware, Big Threat, a project being conducted at the Champlain College Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI).  Our goal is to take a microcomputer and turn it into a system that will automatically attack networks through a set of scripted commands, allowing for even a basic user to execute complex attacks against networks.  This project is an extension of the “A Pi on the Network” project previously conducted by team lead DJ Palombo.  The overall task at hand now is to take the tools created in the preliminary stage of this project and move them to a new base: the ODROID board.  This board is more powerful than similar models in the same price range and should offer a more stable base.  We will be scripting the use of many well-known tools, allowing for the implementation of toolkits found across various pieces of hardware into one easy to use system.  In the final stages of the project, we will attempt to counteract our previous work.  Our end goal is to release a fully stable Linux distro with all our scripts and tools ready to go, but to also release a way in which a network security professional can ensure that this tool is not being actively used on their network simultaneously.  Ideally, both of these would be released at once, to create a new threat and mitigate it at the same time.  However, we feel that once the tool is out, a community member will complete the system needed to offset this tool.  As true Open-Source believers, we have faith that the digital forensics community would be able to tie any loose ends as well as assist in testing and future additions in any way they can.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions.

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