Smart TV Part 2

Smart TV Forensics Part 2


After further research into how to get an image off of our TV, we came to the conclusion that the television must be rooted, and that in order to root it, we would have to use SamyGO.

SamyGO is a project “aimed at enhancing firmware and functionality, specifically for Samsung TV models from 2008 onwards” (SamyGO for DUMMIES). By rooting the TV, we can then acquire an image by using F-response, as our original plan indicates. Currently, our second option is to use SSH if F-response is not successful.

In its current state, the Smart TV project is aimed at better understanding SamyGO and how it is used to root a Smart TV. We will also be looking into how to use F-Response or SSH on the system. While the process of using SamyGo has been created, the LCDI team is looking at each step in detail to make sure that it is being carried out correctly.


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