Google Glass Apps Part 2

Google Glass Colby With Apps

App Proposal

Google Glass is a wearable device similar to a cell phone that uses voice commands and swipe gestures to activate applications and certain other features. Here at the LCDI, we are looking to create an application that can help Forensic investigators either in the field or around the lab. We have come up with a number of ideas through our work with Glass.

One idea is to have an application that would allow you to take pictures of evidence and store it in the cloud under a specific case folder. Below is an example of what this could look like:



Along with capturing and saving images of evidence, it would also have the ability to recall notes you have saved and pull them up at any time hands free. This feature would look similar to:



We don’t currently have any ideas for a name for the application, but we are still working on the design process. Our other application idea is a sort of start-up or tutorial for forensic tools, such as EnCase and FTK. This application would bring you through the beginning stages of the acquisition process and give helpful reminders for tasks. One suggestion would be at the start of a case, where you take pictures in the application and it stores them for later use, then another would remind you to keep the chain of custody and analysis log updated at all times.

We have a limited Software Development Kit as well as a limited Glass Development Kit, and this is currently slowing down the process. In the future, this will open up and allow developers to create applications that take full advantage of the Glass’s features and power. Once this is updated, we will be allowed to move forward in our project and come out with a fully running application.

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