Smart TV Part 4




Our Smart TV Forensic Project has come to a halt. Over the past few weeks, we have been trying to gain access to the data on the Samsung Series 6500 Smart TV. After countless hours of research, we found that access to the hard drive was not possible without altering the firmware or taking the TV apart. Because of this, we have decided to stop the project until further notice.

Even though the project will not be continuing, there are a number of websites which feature work related to Smart TV forensics. Additionally, there was a presentation at Black Hat 2013 ( which you can view online. For experienced users, there are ways to take control of your own Smart TV by using SamyGO, mentioned in our second Blog. While our work is done for now, we hope that we can continue with this project at a later date. If anyone has any suggestions or techniques that we should look at, please leave a comment or email us at with “Smart TV Forensics” in the subject.

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