Single Board Computers Part 4



full speed ahead

Following our switch from XUbunutu to Kali Linux (Single Board Computers Part 3), setup is nearly complete, and our team is preparing to try new things. During a team meeting on February 26th, the team discussed various tools and features to add to the oDroid. Other than previously decided upon Metasploit and OpenVAS, some possibilities include: Rogue access point, The Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF), Remote Access Tools (R.A.T.), DDOS Attack, Cisco exploit, and DD over Netcat.

Each team member is working on three to four different tools/features. They will be testing and researching each one to insure accuracy and oDroid compatibility. Once each team member has their set of tools completed and scripted, we will begin installing them on the oDroid. The team will then continue to test and adjust the oDroid.

Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see included on this device.

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