CEIC 2014 Student Series: Julie Desautels

CEIC 2014

After coming back from CEIC 2014, the lessons I learned, connections I made, and experiences I had made this the best CEIC yet.

This was my second year attending CEIC. I attended previously in 2013 when it was hosted in Orlando, Florida. CEIC 2014 was a great opportunity to reconnect with many of the knowledgeable professionals I had the pleasure of speaking with last year. As a rising senior, it was a great opportunity to talk with other professionals in the field I will soon be entering. While all of their job’s varied, they all had a common interest in computer and digital forensics. Talking to these individuals gave insight on future career paths, and which one I may prefer. I would like to thank everyone I had the chance to speak with at CEIC 2014 for taking the time to offer me guidance!

In addition to making connections, there were so many great talks this year! The Vehicle System Forensics lecture gave a scary insight to how well your car, or rental car really knows you. Another great talk was Tracking Trade Secrets: Audit, Prevent, and Investigate. There is a huge issue of trade secrets getting released, which can cause substantial damage to an organization. In the digital age, this issue is even more of a problem, and this lecture gave advice on how to protect trade secrets and find out instantly when they leaked.

At this year’s CEIC, I shared my Google Glass forensics research with the digital forensics community. At the Champlain College booth in the Expo Hall, me and my classmate Chapin Bryce discussed our research on Google Glass and shared it with a group of people. While wearable devices are such a new form of technology, presenting my research on Google Glass was my contribution to the digital forensics field at CEIC. For those of you who missed our talks, check out our research at desautelsja.blogspot.com and chapinbryce.com.

CEIC 2014 was a great opportunity, which allowed me to meet new friends, reconnect with old ones, learn more, and try new things. I have gained a lot from this experience, and hope to return next year at CEIC 2015!



Julie Desautels

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