XRY Tutorials Introduction


This fall, the LCDI is working to create better, more comprehensive tutorials that detail how to perform mobile forensics using cutting edge tools.  Our focus will be on Micro Systemation’s XRY, a tool capable of both the logical and physical extraction of over 8,000 different mobile devices.  By working closely with XRY Logical as well as XRY Physical, we aim to create complete video tutorials explaining how to use both versions with three different smartphone operating systems.

We will be using a Dell Venue Pro with  Windows OS, an LG Optimus F7 with  Android OS, and an iPhone 5 with iOS as our sample devices.  For each of these three phones, we will be generating data using both XRY Logical and XRY Physical.  We aim to not only show how to extract data using XRY, but highlight the differences in the data that is obtained using each method.

We will be creating six video tutorials (two for each phone) demonstrating the uses of Physical and Logical extractions.   These video tutorials will be used for both internal training at LCDI, as well as for local law enforcement to refer to during mobile examinations.

Additionally, we intend to create a written tutorial with pictures of the steps taken to acquire each device.  These written tutorials will also be implemented as part of the LCDI’s mobile device training for its employees, and will be sent to local law enforcement.

Overall, we aim to provide a more complete picture of how mobile device forensics are performed on common mobile operating systems so that these tutorials can benefit the forensics community.

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