IP-Box Forensics for iOS

IP-Box Forensics for iOS

IP-Box Forensics for  iOS

Welcome to our intro blog for IP-Box Forensics. For those of you who don’t know what the IP-Box is, it is a small black box that will force through the four pin code lock screen when hooked up to an iPhone.

It is an interesting little machine, and we’ve had the time to try it out first hand. We were able to acquire the device through Teel Technologies for roughly 250 dollars. This includes the IP-Box, iPhone 5 Cable, iPhone 4 Cable, Micro USB Cable and a Light Sensor Cable. We will be posting a tutorial on how to use the IP-Box in a future post. Essentially, the IP-Box brute forces the four pin passcode.  It can do this regardless of if the device is on cool down or locked out completely. For a basic brute force, the higher the number is the longer it will take. It inputs all possible combinations, starting at 0000 all the way up to 9999. This will take roughly 17 hours to complete, but there are other configurations you can set that will cut down the time. The device requires self-updating software, but you can also make your own custom algorithms for cracking the passcode. Although the website doesn’t specify, only certain iOS versions will work.  They work at varying degrees, ranging from simply plugging in the device and pressing the “on” button to going through many steps in order to reach an exploit in the system.

Next time, we’ll be going over our experience with set-up and exactly how well the device works.

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