iOS9 Jailbreak Report

iT’S FINALLY here – the IOS9 Jailbreak report

The team members here at the LCDI have been working hard to complete the iOS9 Jailbreak Report. At last, they have wrapped everything up and put the finishing touches on the report for you to read. Check out the introduction below, but be sure to read the actual report to find the analysis and results of this project!

Introduction to ios9 jailbreak report

Jailbreaking is an increasingly popular method of retaking control of your device from the manufacturer. Apple phones in particular are well-known for having a highly secure platform, which makes jailbreaking their phone an attractive option for many consumers. For this project, we wanted to gain a better understanding of the jailbreaking process while researching what kind of data is available for extraction from a phone before and after a jailbreak. We believe that this research could help further both law enforcement’s and corporate digital forensics personnel’s understanding of jailbreaking iOS and Apple products as a whole, while also aiding in future research.


Jailbreaking is a long-standing process that is just now beginning to become a widely-used practice with iPhone users. It removes Apple’s application signing and allows any third party applications to be installed and run, both well-meaning and not. Apple’s current operating system, as of publication, is 9.2.1 with iOS 9.3 being released on April 2, 2016. The last jailbreak created by a third-party platform was for iOS 9.0- 9.0.2; since then, the jailbreak community has waited for a current jailbreak with the updated systems to be released by one of the research teams, the most prominent of which being taig9 and Pengu. Apple’s operating system is heavily controlled which makes the possibility of a jailbreak attractive to many consumers; however, Apple is constantly updating their iOS versions and tightening any back-door access that allows jailbreaks to be created. Prior to this project, the LCDI had not done substantial research on the subject of jailbreaking iPhones or jailbreaking in general.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this report is to offer an insight into how jailbreaking works, what type of data becomes available during forensics analysis both prior to a jailbreak and after, and finally to offer a better understanding of the iOS file structure to aid investigators and future researchers.

read the rest of the report HERE.

The report is available to view and download at the above link. Feel free to reach out to the LCDI with any questions or comments you may have! You can leave a comments here, or email us at Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the most recent updates.

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