Amazon Echo Final Report

Last, but not least, we have finally completed the Amazon Echo project report! Read below to introduce yourself to the project, the background of the device, and the main research question and follow this link to view and download the report.


The rapid advancement of technology has given rise to a myriad of devices that have the potential to pervade our daily lives. Human beings no longer require a keyboard and mouse to access the Internet. The Amazon Echo is one of these devices. Over the course of this project, the LCDI team sought to explore the Amazon Echo beyond its initial function — to serve as a conduit between a user and the Internet — by examining it as a potential source of forensically relevant digital information.


At the time of this report, the Amazon Echo has only been released to the public for a short time. We were unable to find any prior digital forensic research that has been conducted on the Echo. Our initial research into the Echo shows that its primary function is to pair with other services and devices in order to be used as a universal hub that allows instant access to them via voice commands from the user.

purpose and scope

Our primary goal was to learn everything we could about the Amazon Echo. Since this is a relatively new device, any findings of forensic significance will be important moving forward. Part of our research included investigating devices that can be connected with the Echo for any residual artifacts. Any device with a web browser, the Alexa companion app, or IoT capability was within the scope of this project.

research question:

What forensic artifacts can be recovered from devices and interfaces associated with the Amazon Echo?

read and download the full amazon echo report Here.

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