Enfuse 2017 Reflection – Sam Malone


I want to begin by thanking Champlain College, the LCDI, and Guidance Software for this unforgettable experience. Without them I’d have likely never stepped foot in Las Vegas, and certainly wouldn’t have been able to learn what I have. Enfuse was my first tech conference, as well as my first reason to visit the Southwest. More importantly, it allowed me access and insight into an extraordinarily dynamic field. Whether the discussion panels and presentations focused on information security or digital forensics, I found myself constantly enthralled in what they had to offer. Between the keynotes and the vendor exposition, I can’t say I’ve ever been so surrounded by professionals. By the end of my time at Enfuse I had a far greater appreciation for many things, but among them the defensive work seen in the financial sector tops the list.

Enfuse Session Highlights

One of the presentations I had the chance to attend was called “Cyber Attacks In Banking And E-Commerce”, which gave me a high-level perspective into cutting-edge information defense work being done to sustain the global economy. The presenter, Simon Collins, shared his experience in various financial industries, protecting the assets of companies and the customers they provide for. Since the cost of cyber attacks is disastrously high, financial institutions like banks and credit companies often employ the cutting-edge in cyber-defense tactics. For example, behavioral analytics that rely on machine learning to authenticate customers and approve transactions are just one way these companies take active measures against cyber crime.


Since my primary interests are in penetration testing and malware analysis, I was particularly interested in the manner Mr. Collins said these companies conduct regular security audits, which is often and vigorously. With international access and countless attack vectors, information security specialists working to defend any organization must think like an attacker. Learning about this convergence of interests and the outcome it has in the real world, the economy, is certainly among the most fascinating things I had the pleasure of experiencing during my time in Las Vegas for Enfuse 2017.

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