Windows Fall Creator Introduction

Pick Up Where I Left Off: Windows Innovative New Feature Coming Soon?

This spring, the Windows Fall Creator team will research a new Microsoft feature coming out over the next few months. The Windows Fall Creator/Redstone 4 update will provide users with the ability to continue right where they left off on other devices, as well as after power state changes. It is similar to Apple’s Auto Resume feature, except that it will be cross-platform enabled.



The Project

Before the release of the Windows Fall Creators Update, Pick Up Where I Left Off was discussed as a cross-platform version of Apple’s Handoff and Auto Resume features.   Our focus is on how it works, where the information is stored, and the security risks involved.  The official launch of “Pick Up Where I Left Off” has been delayed until the Windows Redstone 4 Update.  This update should be rolling out at some point this spring. While the Pick Up Where I Left Off feature isn’t available yet, pieces are through which we can start to see its functionality.

Our Procedure

We have researched and played around with the pieces of Pick Up Where I Left Off that are available.  After that, we joined the Windows Insider Program to get preview builds of the Redstone 4 update. This will allow us to test the actual feature before it’s released to the general public. We have created 4 virtual machines to run this preview build of Windows 10. These machines will be used to test different aspects of the feature. The following scenarios will be tested: the feature with only one person who uses the computer, the feature with two people who use the same computer, and one person who uses two different computers with the feature. After, we will test the feature out with cross-platform smartphones and a Microsoft Surface Pro.


The next step for our project will be researching the current Insider’s build for Windows 10. We will experiment using the new features it has to offer. After the Redstone 4 Update is released, we will experiment using the feature on that version of Windows.  By the end of this project, we hope to have an understanding of what Pick Up Where I Left Off is doing behind the scenes. We also hope to learn about its functionality and implications. Stay tuned for more updates to come and follow us on Twitter @ChampForensics,  Instagram @ChampForensics and Facebook @ChamplainLCDI.


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