Windows Fall Creator Final Update


The Windows Fall Creator team has concluded their research and have finalized their project. In the past two weeks, they have been working on writing their final report about Windows 10’s newest feature: Pick Up Where I Left Off, or PWILO. They are happy to announce that they have finished their report and are excited to reveal their findings. Included below is an excerpt from the Windows Fall Creator team’s final report.

Report Excerpt

The Windows Fall Creator update to Windows 10 was released to the general public in the Fall of 2017, and included a vast number of new features. One of these features was coined “Pick Up Where I Left Off”, or PWILO. This feature is designed to create a smooth transition between devices and power states for the everyday Windows user.  It does this by restoring closed apps and web pages at the convenience of the user. Windows put off releasing this feature with the Fall Creator Update. It was delayed until the Redstone 4 Update that was scheduled for release in Spring of 2018. As a result of this features purpose and the delay in release, the security, storage, and collection of data involved with PWILO is questioned. The Windows Fall Creator Team investigated these aspects of this feature. The goal of this project was to be able to state with some level of certainty the security implications that PWILO includes, as well as the impact it has on system performance.


Over the course of the past 12 weeks, the Windows Fall Creator Team has worked hard to answer the research questions posed in the introduction of their report.  They have also overcome many obstacles that stood in their way. Read the Windows Fall Creator team’s final report to see what struggles they overcame and the conclusions that they drew.  You will also find a sneak peak of what is coming down the pike for future research that will be conducted on PWILO. Follow us on twitter @ChampForensics, Facebook at ChamplainLCDI, and Instagram @ChampForensics.

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