Smartphones: The Nexus of Evidentiary Data from Social Media to IoT


As a first year cybersecurity student, my application to the OpenText Enfuse conference felt like a long shot. Additionally, seeing how I am a cybersecurity major and the conference is mainly focused on digital forensics, I wasn’t sure how much of the content I would be able to understand. Despite this, I was selected and feel that I learned a significant amount of new information. The session that was most informative to me was “Smartphones: The Nexus of Evidentiary Data from Social Media to IoT” given by Amber Schroader.



Amber Schroader

Smartphones and Social Media

Amber Schroader is the President, CEO and Founder of the Parabon Corporation, a leading company in the field of forensics for mobile devices, smartphones, computers, email, gaming systems ,and the cloud. Despite her vast experience in a variety of forensic technology, her Enfuse talk focused solely on smartphones. She began the session by laying out three topics she intended to cover. The first: the hurdles of smartphone forensics. The second: the location of valuable data. The third: how smartphones interact with IoT Her presentation was engaging, at times humorous, and heavily aided by actual data she took from her children’s phones. This included logs of Tinder conversations and other text messaging apps. All in all, for a talk on a somewhat complex process, I felt I was able to understand most of the information despite my lack of experience.



Enfuse was a great experience for me. I was able to meet and network with many industry professionals and I believe I learned a significant amount and gained a better understanding of what digital forensics really is.

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