Automated Network Scanning + Update

Our Progress So Far

Now midway into our network scanning project, things here at the LCDI are moving right along. Our team has continued to build our script and has completed a solid script to run with. We are now testing the script and getting information on ports, their state, and what service is being hosted. We are continuing to build on this and are hoping to have this finished by Thanksgiving break.

Future Plans

Moving forward, we are focusing the bulk of our time and energy into more scripting. We are also beginning to work on our final report which will detail our work and the project as a whole. Thus far, we have completed the introduction. While writing this, we reflected on the work we did which gave a real perspective of how far we’ve come since the beginning of this project at the start of the semester. Starting with little to no experience, we have both come a long way, and now have at least some idea about what we’re doing. A lot of it is still figuring things out as we go and learning on the fly, but we’re already much more knowledgeable than we were at the start.

With the remaining time we have, we will be building both a file server and an SSH server. We’ll use the file server as a remote location to store the results of our scans. This allows us to have our data stored on a separate location, and not use storage on the primary Pi. We’ll use the SSH server so that we can remotely log on to the primary Pi. This allows us to log in to the Pi off-site and still have access to the results. This is useful because it allows one Pi to monitor activity, record it, and use it as evidence to show illegal activity. Instead of only being able to work on one device when there are two of us, we can both access the Pi at the same time, and monitor scan progress and results from remote locations.


Overall, we are still moving at a solid pace on our project and feel we’re in a decent position. Despite not being as far along in our script as some other teams, we are more than making up for lost time and look forward to completing our work.

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