Network Scanning + Update 2


As November comes to a close, we are nearing the end of our project. With the script complete, all we have left to do is finish up a final report and a few more scans. Due to some yet to be solved bug in our code, the script fails when run from the physical Pi. As a temporary workaround, we’ve been scanning solely from our virtual machine, or VM. Our team is doing their best to solve this problem before the end of the week.

Problem Solving

Due to time restrictions, we were unable to automate our script. However, this is not really a setback, as all we have to do is manually start the scanner. So while this is not desirable, it is in no way a catastrophe. Of course, if we had more time, our team would have found a way to automate our script, and add other features. The ability to utilize WiFi, while not necessary, would make our scanner much more convenient to use. A cleaner looking output would have also been a nice touch. Most of the features we would have added are superficial, and only serve to add convenience.

As for the bug in our script, we so far have no idea what is causing it. The scanner starts correctly and runs for a couple of hours before shutting down. There is no output on the console and no printed report. This has happened to well over five scans. Since we’ve encountered this issue, we have been unable to get a scan to run properly on the physical Pi. However, the script runs perfectly on the VM so we’ve been using that for scans instead. Other than trying to solve this, most of our time and energy is going towards our final report.


We have spent most of November in the home stretch of this project. From completing our script to working on the final report, we are wrapping up rather nicely. We did encounter an issue with running our script on the Pi which set us back, but we’ve managed despite the issue. While we are attempting to fix it, we will not be at a complete loss in this project if our attempts are unsuccessful.

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