Automated Network Scanning + Final Experience

With our time here and finals week approaching fast, we are working to tie up all loose ends. Our final report is now complete, and we’ve done as much as we can with our scanner. The script scans the network, prints out some information, and sends it to an email address. We only got around to collecting the ports and services hosted on the network. If we had more time, we would have added more features, like OS detection or complete automation. As it is, we only managed to get the basics complete in time.


This is due to both a lack of time, and the many obstacles encountered throughout the course and scan of our project. If we had started with more experience, we would have been able to finish much more than we did. We spent a good amount of time figuring out how to actually use the tools instead of working on the project itself. In the end, we were unable to do as much as the other teams. Naturally, we are now much more experienced than we were at the start. Our work here at the LCDI has taught us a lot, and it has been a very positive experience for both of us.


Moving forwards, our primary goal is to wrap up last-minute objectives. First among these will be editing our final report once the Tech Writers have reviewed it for more time. This will more than likely take up our final shifts. Once we’ve completed this task, we will be all but done with our project.

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