Exploring Axiom 3.0 and the Child Protection System at MUS 2019


This past April, I had the opportunity to attend the Magnet User Summit 2019 as a representative of Champlain College. This year marked my first year attending a conference in addition to being a first-year student. I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity, and I consider myself lucky to have networked with industry professionals and learn from them as an undergraduate student.

Session Review:

Child Exploitation: Collaboration to combat online child sexual exploitation

One of my favorite session from this year’s conference was “Child Exploitation: Collaboration to combat online child sexual exploitation”. Bill Wiltse and Patrick Beaver, two professionals from Child Rescue Coalition, presented the session. Wiltse and Beaver gave a compelling presentation on how people use Magnet Forensics’ new launch of the Axiom 3.0 in collaboration of the release of the new site to help catch sex offenders.

The new site is CPS, also known as Child Protection System. This originally started in 2004, but redone as of 2019. CPS site monitors nine systems that sex offenders frequent and what happens if that they bring all the data back and put in a joint centralized data. It then examines the results and stories it in a document as evidence. On average 20-30 million records go into this database a day. CPS is a centralized database of all the targeted sex offenders in a region. In 2010 it was discovered that this database is so trustworthy, law enforcement officers use it as the sole basis for search warrants, its original purpose.

Axiom comes into play here as it highlights IP addresses using key words linked to child exploitation. This program can detect how many files are on a predator’s computer, the profile make-up of the victims, and intent to distribute or cause physical harm.  


My biggest takeaway from this session was how useful Axiom is with the centralized database to catch sex offenders. Both professionals highlighted how this database is constantly providing useful information to law enforcement to make decisions about threats.

MUS provided me with opportunities to broaden my understanding of the digital forensic and cybersecurity industries. I also got to connect with others who are just as passionate about these fields as I am. Even more, I was able to explore and experience Nashville with my friends! I’d like to thank Magnet Forensics and Champlain College for affording me the opportunity to attend Magnet User Summit 2019. I can only hope to attend another conference next year!


Blog written by Champlain College first year Angel Gallien.

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