Internet of Things at Magnet User Summit 2019


During the first week of April, I had the privilege of attending the Magnet User Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. Previously held as a separate training right before or after EnFuse in Las Vegas, the Magnet User Summit is a two day conference put on by Magnet Forensics. It features talks and hands on labs covering a wide gamut of topics within the field of digital forensics. I’m grateful for the chance to attend as the keynotes and lecture sessions were all enjoyable. I learned so much about the field of digital forensics directly from industry professionals.


One of the favorite sessions I attended was actually my first session, which was “Internet of Things Forensics”, presented by Jon Rajewski, the director of the LCDI. During the roughly hour long talk, Jon talked about a number of popular Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including the Amazon Echo, Facebook Portal, and the Nest suite of smart home devices. Jon went into detail about each of the devices and his findings about them as a forensic investigator.

One of the more intriguing products Jon discussed was the Facebook Portal.  Jon found that the Facebook Portal ran Android and accessed Facebook via a web portal rather than an application like on our phones. He went into detail about several IoT devices and showed the findings from the LCDI. The culmination of this work is an IoT artifact reference which they’ll release for open use. Through attending Jon’s talk, I learned a lot about the inner workings of IoT devices and their true security.


As the Magnet User Summit drew to a close, it was bit bittersweet to leave. Besides the fact that Nashville neared 75 degrees unlike Burlington, I had an incredible opportunity to learn. I gained more knowledge about digital forensics and networked with industry professionals! I am incredibly thankful to Champlain College, the LCDI, and Magnet Forensics for the opportunity to attend this year’s summit. Hopefully I’m able to attend another conference next year!


Blog written by Champlain College‘s Jackson Wajer.

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