Building a Raspberry Pi Mirror

Over the course of this semester, my team at the Leahy Center worked to create an interconnected smart mirror using Raspberry Pi technology. We started off the semester strong, doing a lot of research into the project. We knew that, once we got our hands on Raspberry Pis, we could immediately begin configuring modules for different aspects of the project.

Our Goal

It seemed right off the bat that we all knew exactly what the end goal should look like. The small form factor of the Raspberry Pi made the mirror a possibility. We shared a common vision, and we planned to use a small mirror, multiple Raspberry Pis, and an old touch screen taken from a phone, as well as some other small things to create that vision. 

Transitioning to Online

Meeting solely online was a challenge at first, but the team quickly settled into communicating through Slack. The physical aspects of the project gave us trouble, but the team has worked well through difficult times. 

Cartoon laptop with people in different colored squares on the screen.

Linked here is our final deliverable, a presentation that outlines a bit more into what we’ve done and shows pictures of our prototypes. We’re excited to push the project further in the coming semester!

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