My Experience on The VPN Comparison Team

By Miles Campbell

We were able to learn a lot from our research into the VPNs, but I also received a lot of great experience from my first semester at the Leahy Center.

As the semester came to a close, my team finished polishing up our presentation. We decided to use Google Slides to create our presentation. This allowed us to all work on it at the same time. Additionally, all of us would have access to it, even if no one else was online.

What I Gained From my Experience

For starters, I believe this project has helped me learn how to create a professional presentation. I learned that presenting research in this setting is far different than in school. The work we’re doing at the Leahy Center is important, which adds weight when you’re trying to present it. It makes it much more stressful to try and make something great, but it pushed me into doing really good quality work.

Since this is my first semester as an intern, I was also taking a class with Mark Zammuto. This class was connected to my internship, and for it I created another presentation, along with my teammates Derek Farrell and KCMalinda Hlordsz. We presented to the other first semester interns over Google Meets. This further built upon some of the experiences I had gotten from my Leahy Center presentation. It also allowed me to compare my work directly with other intern’s works.

Overall, my first semester here at the Leahy Center was a great experience for me. I learned skills that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned in a classroom alone. My team and the rest of the Leahy Center staff have been nothing but supportive of me and my learning. I look forward to working with the rest of the team in the future, and I hope all my colleagues have a happy holiday break!

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