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Recovery of Data Fall Blog 1

Data Recovery Project Goal This semester, The Leahy Center for Digital Investigation created a project to solve issues related to data recovery. This project shows that the average user often does not truly delete their data, and that it is possible to recover this data without spending money on high end tools, such as EnCase […]

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EnCase Tool Eval Update 2

Introduction This past month the EnCase team has been hard at work evaluating EnCase 8 compared to other digital forensics tools. We started by creating a Virtual Machine where we made a mock computer to be investigated. After this we took the information from the VM and began using it in our tools. We then […]

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Encase Tool Evaluation

Introduction: Over the past five weeks we have been researching and gathering information on Opentext software EnCase 8, readying ourselves to begin dissecting evidence in our mock investigation. As the EnCase 8 intern team, we have been spending large amounts of time watching YouTube videos and diving deep into the manual provided by Opentext software. […]

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