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Experiences, Accomplishments, and Lessons Learned

Introduction When people join a new workforce, they often find themselves saying: “I am in way over my head.” I experienced that during my first week as an intern at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI). It was only my second week of my first year of college, and I couldn’t wait to get […]

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Network Automation Update 2

Introduction The Network Automation script has evolved and flourished with each new idea. The scanner has some awesome new features, too! Through this blog post, we plan on elaborating on the process. We’ll also highlight some cool features and services that our Pis have. Changes to the Network Automation Scanner Over the past few weeks, […]

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Network Automation Update 1

Network Automation Overview The Network Automation project team has set out to create a script that scans computer networks and map them in a discrete, speedy, and automatic manner. This will be accomplished with a Raspberry Pi device running the script and several accompanying programs. The project’s goal is to create a penetration testing tool […]

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