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Destructed Data Forensics- Final

After a few unexpected twists and turns, we have almost completed the report for the hard drives in water tests.¬† After the report undergoes a final review process it will be posted for everyone to see in addition to continuing blog posts. Our next plan of action is to test dropping internal hard drives from […]

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Destructed Data Forensics- Part 4

In this blog, we are going to discuss the data retrieved from DD2. DD2 underwent an identical submersion process to DD1 and DD5, but was submerged for 30 minutes. ¬†Initially, we could not read the hard drive after the submersion.¬† We attempted to dry it out and test it again, but the drive was still […]

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Destructed Data Forensics- Part 3

  While we failed to use a write blocker for the first trials, we have learned from our errors and corrected our process for Destructed Data Forensics. All of our recent tests have included the write blocker, both in the before and after images. Upon review of the images we retrieved from the 10 min […]

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