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Elcomsoft Tool Evaluation Blog 3

More Evaluations & Final Report! Recently we’ve focused on evaluating more Elcomsoft applications as well as putting together our final report. We continued to use the same scoring criteria from our previous blog to test these tools. The applications we tested include Advanced PDF Password Recovery, Proactive System Password Recovery, Advanced Archive Password Recovery, Elcomsoft […]

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Elcomsoft Tool Evaluation Blog 2

First evaluations! Our Elcomsoft Tool Evaluation team started out the next sprint by setting off to evaluate the tools relating to phones, computers, and office products. To catch up on the beginning of our process, read our first blog post here. The new tools we evaluated included Advanced Office Password Recovery, Advanced WordPerfect Office Password […]

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Elcomsoft Tool Evaluation Blog 1

Welcome to Our Blog Welcome to the blog of the Elcomsoft Tool Evaluation Team! This semester, the LCDI has the honor of exploring and investigating the different tools Elcomsoft has to offer. Established in 1990, Elcomsoft is headquartered in Moscow, Russia and they focus on creating forensic toolkits for law enforcement, businesses, and individual users […]

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