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FAW Tool Review Part 5

  Streaming video success Our last blog discussed the problems we were having with capturing video files from streaming sites.  At the time, we were attempting to capture the video from websites such as YouTube and Vimeo.  FAW’s site does state that it can capture video files, such as avi, mp4, and wmv, but we […]

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FAW Tool Review Part 4

streaming video Our last two blogs have been discussing the Objects that are captured and the File hierarchy used by FAW. The objects folder shows all of the different file types that FAW can capture. Unfortunately, we have not been able to capture a streaming video at this point. This brings us to our current […]

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FAW Tool Review Part 3

  Captured Objects This blog post will be focusing on the Objects folder created by FAW during an acquisition. This folder is where FAW saves anything that it can extract from the webpage and was introduced in version When under the configuration window, select the Linked Objects tab. This tab allows for the investigator […]

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