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Vermont Tech Jam 2014

Vermont hosted its annual tech jam WERE YOU THERE? The LCDI certainly was! We set up a booth next to our neighboring Emergent Media Center and spoke to all sorts of people about what we do here at Champlain’s Lakeside Campus. Over 200 people stopped by our booth! Not only was it a great opportunity […]

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Rooting Google Glass Part 2

Rooting Google glass To begin our investigation, we are looking at what information can be acquired from Google Glass using various imaging processes. After generating data on two pairs of Glass, rooted and un-rooted, we imaged them with the Shattered Script. We imaged first with the Shattered script because it includes features that can retrieve […]

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Google Glass Forensics Part 2

        Google glass forensics glass artifacts Since our initial blog post, we have begun to generate user data on the Glass device, but have been having difficulties with the smartphone counterpart. Originally, we generated data on Glass using a Nexus 5 device and we were able to retrieve artifacts off of Glass, […]

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Google Glass Apps Part 2

App Proposal Google Glass is a wearable device similar to a cell phone that uses voice commands and swipe gestures to activate applications and certain other features. Here at the LCDI, we are looking to create an application that can help Forensic investigators either in the field or around the lab. We have come up […]

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Google glass

Google Glass Forensics Blog 1

Introduction   Google Glass is a revolutionary new technology that has and will continue to change people‚Äôs lives. Google Glass is an extension of your phone that allows you to take pictures, send messages, navigate to different places, search the web, etc. with the sound of your voice. Since Google Glass has not been released […]

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Google Glass

Google Glass Apps- Part One

When Google Glass was announced in 2013, the LCDI wanted to get our hands on it right away. As of this year, we have acquired a pair of Glass and are excited to start using them for digital forensics and developing application that will aid in the digital forensic process. The Glass currently runs on […]

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