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Mobile App Forensics: Travel Apps

Introduction What kinds of information can be found on applications such as Kayak and Google Trips? This project involves analyzing mobile travel apps installed on android-based devices. Our goal is to analyze these applications using UFED Cellebrite in order to give forensic analysts good information on what to look for when extracting data from these […]

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Google Now Introduction

  WELCOME TO GOOGLE NOW Google Now is a personal assistant function for Android devices.  Similar to Siri, you ask the function a question and it provides you with an answer.  According to the Google Now website, “Google Now works in the background so you don’t have to. Your information is automatically organized into simple […]

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Google Glass

Google Glass Apps- Part One

When Google Glass was announced in 2013, the LCDI wanted to get our hands on it right away. As of this year, we have acquired a pair of Glass and are excited to start using them for digital forensics and developing application that will aid in the digital forensic process. The Glass currently runs on […]

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