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Mobile App Forensics Intern Blog 2

Introduction Over the past month, our team has analyzed the applications Expedia and Google Trips. These apps help users plan trips to locations abroad with features to order reservations and plan day trips. Our goal for analyzing these applications was to find out how much information they hold for forensic investigators. This will in turn […]

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Mobile Forensics Update 2

Introduction If you read our last blog post, you know that the Mobile Forensic team ran into some issues early on. We are happy to share that we have since overcome those issues, and we’ve hit the ground running with our project. We are no longer using the LG G6 devices mentioned last month due […]

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Mobile Device Forensics

CEIC 2015 Student Session Series: Mobile Forensics: Challenges in Obtaining, Analyzing and Applying EVIDENCE Students from Champlain College and the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI) attended multiple training sessions while at the Computer Enterprise Investigation Conference (CEIC) 2015. Students Kayla Williford and Mary Reilly present some highlights from the Mobile Forensics: Challenges in Obtaining, […]

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