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Treasure Hunting with FTK, EnCase, and SQLite Databases

The last tools we used to examine PirateBrowser, Mozilla 23, and Firefox Portable were EnCase and FTK.  SQLite databases that contained lists of the websites visited, as well as downloads saved by our team were found on each image.  We used a PDF from the SANS blog to assist us in finding the locations of […]

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Swimming with MantaRay Forensics

This week on our quest for treasure, we have been utilizing some of the features of MantaRay Forensics. MantaRay is a suite created by ManTech that can be used to automate the use of open source tools in processing forensic images, directories, and individual files. You can read more about MantaRay here: http://mantarayforensics.com/. The specific […]

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Finding Pirate’s Bounty with IEF

After the long process of generating data through each VM, we used Magnet Forensics’ Internet Evidence Finder to view each browser’s artifacts. For this part of the project, we were able to see how Pirate Browser borrows its features from Portable and Firefox 23.   For Firefox Portable, we tested two images: one of the […]

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Pirate Browser Introduction

pirateOne of LCDI’s new projects for this semester is the exploration of The Pirate Bay’s new browser, which aims to circumvent internet censorship.  The goal of our research is to find out what browser artifacts are left behind when using the Pirate Browser.

It was important to first understand as much as we could about the browser itself and what makes it unique.   The official description of the browser onpiratebrowser.com reads as:

PirateBrowser is a bundle package of the Tor client (Vidalia)FireFox Portable browser (with foxyproxy addon) and some custom configs that allows you to circumvent censorship that certain countries such as Iran, North Korea, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Ireland impose onto their citizens.”

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