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SIFT Update 2

Introduction This month at the Senator Leahy Center for Digital Investigation, we started analyzing our data. As a part of the SIFT research team, we used our knowledge of digital forensics to scan through files in order to find artifacts that would help us put our criminal behind bars. After we found artifacts, we went […]

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SIFT Tool Evaluation

Introduction: The Senator Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI) is an establishment that was created to encourage Champlain College students to gain technical knowledge of an area within their field of study. As a team, interns are expected to communicate and work together in order to finish a project. This is the experience of the […]

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Closer Look at Log2Timeline

Log2Timeline is an open source tool developed by Kristinn Gudjonsson focused on creating timelines with the purpose of digital forensic examination. With its ability to perform cross platform, it has become increasingly popular and bundled with open source forensic tools. The forensic distributions SIFT and TAPEWORM come with log2timeline preinstalled and set as primary tools on their systems. SIFT has a branched version of Log2Timeline that automates the creation of a supertimeline in the command line, while TAPEWORM uses log2timeline but places a custom graphic interface that simplifies the command for the end user. In addition to Linux distributions, Log2timeline also runs on Microsoft Windows via the command line. Continue reading