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fitbit application analysis

Application Analysis Update 1

Introduction This project focuses on searching for artifacts left by common desktop applications. We will be analyzing each application within Windows 10. It is the second most popular version of windows. We began by generating data on virtual machines with the chosen applications. The next step is to use various forensic tools to extract information […]

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VMWare Analysis Update 1

Introduction The VMWare Analysis team is researching the differences between a Windows 7 machine and Windows 7 virtual machine (VM) as well as the changes between a Windows 10 machine and VM. The end goal for this project is a quad comparison between the both operating system versions and their respective VMs.   VMWare/Physical Machines […]

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Enfuse 2017 Reflection – Felisa Charles: Know Normal, Find Evil

Introduction I am truly grateful to have be chosen by the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI) to represent Champlain College at Enfuse 2017, a digital forensics conference hosted by Guidance Software. The knowledge I gained in just 4 days was immeasurable. By the end I walked away with a tremendous amount of new experience […]

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Application Analysis: A Closer Look At Business Apps

Introduction  The Application Analysis team has continued examining the desktop-based web applications for both Mac and PC. We are currently finalizing our tests with Slack and DropBox. They were searching for files that could hold company, user, and file information. While these are only tests in the context of a real world scenario, this info […]

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Windows 10 logo and blue background

Windows 10 Final Report Release

The final report is here! The Windows 10 Final Report is finally ready to be released. This project was a continuation from the Windows 10 project done earlier last year. In the Fall 2015 semester, the LCDI team did further exploration into tasks that remained unfinished at the conclusion of the previous part of the project. […]

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Amazon Echo light blue background

Introduction to Amazon Echo Forensics

Intro to amazon echo forensics A new semester is upon us!  For a lucky group of five LCDI researchers, the next challenge is to examine and document everything there is to know about the Amazon Echo. The Echo, publicly released last June, is a wireless ‘smart speaker’ device that uses voice commands to play music, […]

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project recall

Project Recall: Windows 8 and 10 Forensics – Spring 2015

The Project Recall series will revisit successful and productive projects in the LCDI’s past. Windows 8 and 10 The mission of this project is to discover differences in the artifact locations of Windows 8 and Windows 10. It will also be within the scope of this project to find and discover new artifacts that are […]

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Windows 10 logo with Surface pro device, case, and pen with blue background

Windows 10 Forensics Project Update

Intro In the weeks following our last blog post on Windows 10 forensics, we have verified that the findings from the previous semester’s project are indeed in the same locations in the Official Windows 10 release. We have since generated a variety of data focusing on the Cortana, Edge, maps, mail, and phone companion applications. […]

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Windows 10 desktop homescreen with start open live tiles

Introduction to Windows 10 Forensics

Introduction to windows 10 This project continues last semester’s research into Windows 10. This time around we will take a closer look at tasks that we were unable to give our full attention to due to time constraints. While we previously used a Beta version of Windows 10, we are excited to announce that this […]

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