10 Podcasts To Tune Into This Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and to celebrate we wanted to highlight some wonderful podcasts for you to listen to. They are all hosted by incredible women who have important and thought-provoking ideas on subjects ranging from crypto and blockchain technology to deep-diving into the fascinating aspects of different female characters in history. Give some of them a listen, and continue to build your podcast list with more inspiring women!

The Females in Tech Show is hosted by Tamara Hohanna, founder of the FIIT Collective, whose mission is to provide women the tools to have successful careers in tech. The podcast covers topics for women or tech or those considering a career in tech, through career advice and personal stories from those within the industry. The podcast also focuses on the wellbeing of women in tech, balancing work with family and relationships, and practicing self-care for a successful career in IT.

The History Chicks is hosted by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenwider. The podcast introduces listeners to different factual and fictional females in history, delving into a single person for each hour-long episode. Graham and Vollenwider discuss all the parts of their subject’s life that they find interesting, such as failures, challenges, and successes that they faced in their life.

Women In Tech Podcast is hosted by Espree Devora, creator of WeAreLATech, an organization helping connect individuals in Los Angeles who are interested in tech. The podcast features women working in various areas of the tech industry, such as investors, engineers, UX and UI designers, founders, and more. The goal of each show is to empower the listener, and make them feel that “If she can do it, so can I.”

GetWITit is hosted by Elizabeth Tolia, who is currently the President of the National Board of Directors for the GetWITit non-profit organization. The podcast (and the organization itself) focuses on the decline of women working in the technology industry and acts to help promote awareness of this issue. They also strive to help create opportunities for women to transition into tech roles and prepare women for leadership. Each week they interview members of the tech community to discuss and explore these issues.

Unchained is hosted by Laura Shin, a crypto and blockchain journalist, who formerly worked as a senior editor for Forbes. The podcast is described as “your no-hype resource for all things crypto,” focusing on how crypto assets and blockchain technology are going to change our lives and change the ways in which we interact with our money. Shin studies this through interviews and discussions with industry pioneers every week.

Stuff Mom Never Told You is hosted by Anney Reese and Samantha McVey. The podcast discusses feminism and the ways in which it impacts our daily lives. They explore what it means and what it is like to identify as a woman and examine this every week through episodes that are released on Wednesday and Friday.

Women Tech Charge is hosted by Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon, the CEO of STEMettes, an organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of females and nonbinary people into STEM fields. The podcast focuses on women who are transforming our lives through technology with honest and inspiring conversations. They tell the stories of their successes, failures, passions, and ideas to help motivate the listener to take charge.

Brave, Not Perfect is hosted by Reshma Saujani, the CEO of Girls Who Code, a non-profit dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology. The podcast focuses on changing our approach to life, and inspiring listeners to leave perfectionism behind. As Saujani explains, “we’re tired, we’re stuck, and we’re so afraid of failure that we don’t take any risks.” She urges listeners to choose bravery to lead their life through discussions with changemakers who have chosen the path of courage over perfection.

Diva Tech Talk is hosted by Nicole Johnson Scheffler and Kathleen Norton-Schock. The podcast focuses on highlighting women who are doing great things in the world of technology and emphasizing the strong value that women bring to the field. It was created to help inspire women to succeed in any area of technology, whether it be for their professional life, or for personal missions.

Witty (Women in Tech Talk to Yasmin) is hosted by Yasmin Alameddine. The podcast was created to go against repeating the problem that women are at a disadvantage in tech and instead highlighting the intelligent, hilarious, outgoing, and talented women who were successfully making their way through the industry. She has fun and honest conversations with her guests about their exposure to the industry, the challenges they face, and their thoughts about the ways in which the tech industry is changing.

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