Women In Tech Q&A with Emily Crawford

Our next Women’s History Month worker spotlight is Emily Crawford! Crawford is a second-year Computer Networking and Cybersecurity major, with a minor in Digital Forensics. She is currently working on the Social Media Footprint Awareness team. In the past, she was worked on the VPN comparison, IOT intrusion, and Network Scanning teams at the Leahy Center

What made you choose to major within the information technology field?

When I was a freshman in high school a guest speaker worked in the cybersecurity field. He told of his experience how these different tools worked, and I was extremely interested and I knew I wanted to go into cybersecurity.

What was your first experience with technology?

My first experience with technology was when I was a three-year-old toddler, and I proclaimed to my mother how I wanted a computer for Christmas.

Are there any females in tech that you look up to?

My first computer science teachers in high school were both women, and they made me feel welcome as a woman in tech and encouraged me to pursue a career in tech.

What are the pros and cons of being a woman in tech?

The pros of women in technology are that the community I am a part of with other women in technology is amazing, and I have met so many women in technology who were all so talented and nice. A con of being a woman in technology is that I often feel I don’t belong and I need to prove my worth.

What advice would you give to younger women who are interested in getting into the tech field?

My advice for younger women would be to not be afraid to start getting involved in tech whether it be in clubs or after-school programs. Also to know that you are not alone and there many other fantastic women in technology

Is it daunting to be working in a male-dominated field?

Sometimes especially when I’m new and don’t know anyone else, it can be daunting and sometimes I feel I need to prove my place as a woman. Although this feeling usually fades the better I get to know my team.


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