Internship Experience with Michael Coyne

Overview of Work

During my time as an intern at The Leahy Center, I have been working with Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. For the first couple of weeks of my internship, I researched the Elastic Stack and all of its components. I researched how each individual part of the Elastic Stack worked, such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, Filebeat, and Elastic Security. After I did research on the Elastic Stack, I moved on to messing around with a finished Elastic Stack and configured some tools, like Filebeat, into the stack. After I was able to spend some time working with the finished stack, I began building an Elastic Stack with my team members which is what I am still currently working on. 


Some of my biggest successes were configuring things on both the finished Elastic Stack and the one that I am currently building. I had to use PowerShell to configure and install tools onto the finished Elastic Stack. I had no experience with it prior, so it was an accomplishment to have done those things. To configure things on the Elastic Stack that I am building, I have to use Linux, another tool I was unfamiliar with.

During the past couple of weeks, I have learned about the overall purpose of Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. I have learned about what certain parts of the Elastic Stack do and how to configure them. I have also learned some PowerShell commands to install things onto the finished Elastic Stack. I also learned Linux basics, such as how to navigate through the system and some of its commands. I’d like to continue to learn more about Linux and PowerShell through my work with them. I’d also like to explore the Elastic Stack more in-depth. 

Challenges and Struggles

A challenge/struggle I have come across has been not knowing what to do sometimes because I don’t have much experience with Linux. This happened once when Kibana went down while I was working on building a stack.  I wasn’t sure what to do for troubleshooting to get the Kibana service up and working again. I solved this problem through a mixture of help from my supervisor and working with my teammates.

Overall, I’ve had a good experience with my internship. I have gotten to work hands-on with tools such as Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. I also gained valuable experience with PowerShell and Linux which I know will be helpful when using them in the future. 

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Written by Michael Coyne ‘25 // Computer Networking & Cybersecurity

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